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Reducing Your Downtime Improves Productivity

Ferrite Welding Products has a simple but effective business philosophy: "To be the most technologically advanced company in the maintenance and repair welding industry."

Through technology and quality we can continue to offer complete satisfaction to our customers.  However we realize that a satisfied customer today could have different priorities and needs tomorrow.  Business is constantly changing because of competition, technology and economy.  Ferrite understands this and strives to bring their customers a stream of new ideas, better products and more responsive service to put them a step ahead.

The search for technology and quality is continuous at Ferrite.  The ability to give our customers a competitive cutting edge makes us a resource rather than a supplier. 

What we manufacture today is the best available product for maintenance repair and welding applications.  Our resources are working hard to make today's product not a destination but rather a starting point of what is to come.